Bethel United Church of Christ 

                   4900 NE Parvin Road, Kansas City, MO 64117

Bethel UCC Reopening Guidelines Starting May 23, 2021

Beginning last year 2020, the Bethel Re-Opening team submitted a re-opening plan to the Congregation. Since then, CDC guidelines, local mask mandates, businesses re-openings, and healthy vaccination rates have changed. The Bethel Re-Opening team met again and submitted updates to the Council. In our Council meeting last evening, the Council approved updates and addendums to the plan.

The Council voted on and agreed on addendums that beginning this Sunday May 23rd, (Pentecost Sunday) Bethel will enter Phase 3 (Safer) of re-opening providing Limited In-Person, fully masked worship service. This phase will carry on until conditions for the Phase 4 (Safest) re-opening can be met.

This is an opportunity for a renewed congregation experience with new members, seeing each other worship in the sanctuary for the first time in so many months, and experiencing new joy on this day. We ask that all members mask up and maintain social distance as we have children in our congregation that cannot yet receive vaccinations and likely will not until 2022.

We are not yet at Phase 4 (Safest). The congregation will be kept apprised when we can enter Phase 4 and a fully available in person worship experience.

The entire Bethel Re-Opening Plan is available by contacting the Bethel Office and obtaining a copy.

Below you will find the guidelines for Phase 3 (Safer).

Phase Three - Safer 

    • In-person worship services in sanctuary will be initiated limited to 50 persons or less (in the sanctuary)
    • Use of face masks and 6ft. social distancing will continue
    • Live Facebook and YouTube streaming will continue
    • Services will be shown on large TV monitor in the North Room for those uncomfortable with the confines of the sanctuary or issues with the mask and social distancing requirements.


In-Person Worship Service Guidelines - Starting May 23, 2021

    • In-person Worship in sanctuary, with initially no more than 50 people, including the pastor and those helping with the service.
    • Mask wearing and 6 feet social distancing will continue.
    • Live Facebook and YouTube recording and streaming will continue for those preferring to stay with the online format or for those not vaccinated.
    • Services will also be shown on the large TV monitor in the North Room for those uncomfortable with the confines of the sanctuary. Seating capacity 
    • Choir loft is also available with very limited seating.

    • Ushers will direct seating and congregation will be encouraged not to linger in the front lobby area before and after the service. 
    • Only one family group will be seated in a pew, with an empty pew between families.  Children will remain in the pew with family.
    • Wipes will be provided and worshippers will be asked to wipe down the backs of the pew in front of them before leaving. 
    • There will be no congregational singing and services will be shortened.
    • No vocal or bell choir allowed in this phase.
    • Fellowship time or Bistro will continue to be suspended.
    • The nursery will continue to be closed.
    • Hymnals, fellowship pads, pew Bibles will not be used. Our plan is to have these covered for the duration of the worship service.
    • No offering or communion plates will be passed.
    • Only entrance to be used is the front main entrance; all other entrances to be closed with a sign suggesting “use main entrance.”


Addendum A: Conduct Limited In-person Sunday worship service on May 23rd (Pentecost and New Member Welcome) in addition to online service. There will be no appointments required.

Addendum B:  Conduct Limited In-person Sunday worship service on June 6 and June 13 instead of online services only.

Fulvio Hayes, Bethel UCC KC Council President